“I am a stand for helping leaders tap into their special magic, unleash their mojo on the world, and have fun, making money doing it!”

Samantha Bearden, Star Shaman 

Sacred DNA Restructure Method® Creatrix


You know you are an influencer who’s not afraid of work. 


Yet you’ve hit a turning point, stumbling block, cornerstone and all of the tools you’ve packed into your toolbelt are not getting you the results in your business, your relationships, your life.


You know you are a leader who’s looking for more in life. To make a difference & rise above the strife.


You are swimming (drowning) in self- doubt & fear, to name a few, & it’s impacting you (“Am I a fraud?” “Have I lost my mojo?”)

The solution is as elementary as it is deep PURPLE SHADOW.png

(The good news is) You’re evolving. And this patterning or programming can be unlearned, broadening your perspective, expanding your perception, & restoring your creativity & vitality!


Once you de-mystify the programming, unlock the codes that create these impactful changes in your life, & take ALIGNED action, you begin to create a new reality. 


Now you,  the Changemaker moves through the world in sovereign confidence,  appreciation, clarity, & joy; experiencing unhindered abundance, with passion & purpose.


YOU  have unlocked the secrets of creating a life that you love, in a way you’ve never created before .


It’s in your DNA.

Schedule an Epiphany Call

You're interested in shifting some things. This is the call for you. We will jump right in, look at one set point to eradicate, and raise your vibe.
I'll check your current energetic vibrating frequency (what you are attracting to you), find and clear low vibrating energy & plant seeds of higher vibrating energy that raises your vibration.

You will also receive $100 credit towards future services. Valid only for new clients.  Must redeem within 30 days of initial call. 

24 Strand DNA Body Wealth Resonance

Up your mojo in a Galactic way! My 24 strand DNA Activation & Restructure session includes a patented clearing | repairation of your energetic code, connection of your energetic code to your physical DNA for a life shifting power boost, & a 1:1 live follow up session where we deep dive into what came up during the activation, what you need to know & how you can use this divinely coded information to create a life of purpose, passion & pleasure.

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A message from samantha.png

Hello Fabulous One, I’m Samantha, your Star Shaman.

I have always been fascinated by human potential and how deep the well runs on that. I remember in second grade when I learned that we had only two “good” strands of DNA and the rest were “junk.”  Well that threw me, and I pretty much spent most of my life debunking that.  

I knew that there was deep magic inside of us and that we could access it and use it to create a life that we loved. I spent many years immersed in spiritual growth AND entrepreneurism and what I found was that the two kept “fighting” each other.  I found that there was a lack mentality that followed around the spiritual practices, and that played out in the realm of making, attracting and having money. I became even more inspired and set out to find the core of it, which is in our  DNA. 

Flash forward 30 years: In 2016 I launched the Sacred DNA Restructure Method®,  and have helped thousands of people transform their lives from stagnant to magic with The Method.  Currently we have 35 certified practitioners, with 4 upcoming facilitators to be certified to teach this method, so, a planet full of happy, successful and joyful people is imminent!


If you’re reading this, then I know your journey. You are a leader and want to be held and guided to step up, own your voice and share it. 

What often happens is we doubt ourselves out of our greatness and live a life unfulfilled. That no longer serves you. The time is now to take action. 


Let me help you shift into your lush brilliance. 

It’s in your DNA


Have to courage to find the greatness in your DNA.


So Much Love  & DNA Magic,


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